Countdown To

June 5, 2021








How it All Began


Although Kinser and Clay both attended TCU as undergraduates, their paths never crossed until they had both transitioned into the post-undergrad life in Fort Worth, Texas. 
On a hot summer night in 2019, Clay was enjoying himself at a local outdoor restaurant when he saw Kinser for the first time in person. He instantly knew who she was – he had seen her frequently on a mutual friend’s social media. He was smitten, and in truth, Kinser was as well. Both parties eyed one another – more than once – and subsequently, they found themselves exchanging stolen glances and smiles across the restaurant the entire evening. 
It took them less than 24 hours to connect on Instagram. Their first date was four days later – Clay made his move quickly! At the time, Kinser, 23, was working toward her master’s degree at TCU, and Clay, 26, was in his third year of work at MineralWare. Neither of them had been looking for a relationship, so the deep connection took them by surprise. But from their first date, Kinser and Clay were inseparable.

Their relationship was fast, romantic, and deeply rooted in their shared vision of faith and life’s priorities.

Captivated with one another from the beginning, their love has grown into a deep abiding love as a couple. Exactly one year later, on the anniversary of their first date, Clay, with a ring in hand and family waiting to join in the celebrations, dropped to a knee and proposed to his bride. Kinser, who is a tough girl to surprise, was in awe and overwhelmed with excitement. Of course, she answered his question with a definitive “yes,” knowing that her dream of spending forever with “the one whom [her] soul loves” was becoming her reality (Song of Solomon 3:4). 
Now, the happy couple will officially seal the deal and become husband and wife on June 5, 2021, in Daniel Island, South Carolina. They are ready to commit to a lifetime with one another and cannot wait to celebrate this special moment and their future together as family and friends join them on their big day. 

The Destination

Daniel Island & Charleston

Our wedding weekend will take place in Daniel Island adjacent to the historic and picturesque city of Charleston, South Carolina. Some events will be in downtown Charleston, but the majority of the celebrations will happen in Daniel Island, a 4,000 acre planned community within Charleston.  

Accommodations will be in Daniel Island at the Home2Suites by Hilton, click below for more information & booking details.